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this is d w two survivors from berlin tonight hungary and the european union in a political head on collision the political party of hungary's prime minister viktor orban suspended from the e.u.'s biggest political grouping or bond tonight saying the decision was voluntary it's all the result of tensions in europe over the prime minister's anti migration hall's also coming up with just nine days
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before breakfast the stakes are raised again prime minister theresa may asking the e.u. to delay the u.k.'s departure until the end of june brussels saying a short extension is possible only if lawmakers approved teresa mayes plan and the first funerals have been held for victims of the mosque shootings in christ church new zealand among them a father and son a refugee who had fled syria's civil war for new zealand believing it to be quote the safe this country in the book. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with what appears to be a big blow to garion prime minister viktor orban now his ruling conservative party has been suspended from the european parliament's biggest block. and could face
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being expelled completely or bonds that as a party is part of the center white european people's party bloc which is also known as the e.p. p. and received strong support from the right wing anti immigration party was however some members of the e p p they want or bond's party to be thrown out because of its anti stance that questions are being raised over compliance with e.u. law. all right joining us now with more is our correspondent rebecca ritter's she is covering events for us from brussels tonight's could even see you rebecca viktor orban he has been slammed for his anti migration policy now his party being suspended from this big political bloc in the european parliament is it possible that they could be suspended and kicked out permanently what more do we know. at this stage it's not looking like a permanent but anything is possible it's very rare to see europe's biggest
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parliamentary group so divided bren's the question of what to do about fit is has been the elephant in the room for some time and till a recent campaign which you briefly spoke about before against you commission president john quote and billionaire. billionaire george soros really threw the party into pave all many calling for him to be expelled completely so that we some tonight that are very disappointed with this watering down. the they voted overwhelmingly in favor of this but it was a closed door meeting. a pay sources say that it was very heated in there with with viktor orban himself making a speech saying that he would stand down that he would pull his party out completely if this is pension vote going through and then have the president of the pay pay also saying that he would stand down if a compromise couldn't be made eventually
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a compromise was made and they agreed overwhelmingly one hundred and ninety votes in favor and you know we've reported many times a bill or bond in his his open disdain for brussels enforce some of the rules of the european union the decision tonight is this a warning to other e.u. member states that are thinking of jumping on the viktor orban train. brand it's difficult to say i mean we see this across the e.u. the fit as he is certainly not the first party not the only party to leave brussels and go home and then and blame brussels for what's conceivably domestic issues and gain popularity from that at home you know you have to look at the u.k. as one prominent example fit is victor pushed to have pushed it to the extreme. you know this what we've seen with the campaigns against the e.u.
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and its institutions is really unprecedented and many probably could possibly be trying to teach them a lesson all right a correspondent rebecca ritter's on the story for us tonight in brussels rebecca thank you. from one european crisis to another with just nine days to go until breck's it begins british lawmakers are holding an emergency debate on the country's exit from the european union now that comes after prime minister theresa may today formally requested to postpone the date of the u.k.'s withdraw from the e.u. theresa may is hoping to delay breaks it until june thirtieth but signals from brussels that well they were mixed e.u. chief dom of tusk he's given some clarity he says that the leaders of the e.u. could approve a short delay at an upcoming summit if this is important if british lawmakers approved a recent plan. also expressed doubts about granting a delay until june thirtieth we know that's what to resubmit once an internal
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assessment from the european commission morns that there could create serious legal and political risks for the e.u. . or to resume a has already said that she wants a short extension to the e.u. departure european council president donald tusk responded to a short while ago when he suggested that the ball is in london's court but he may be holding the racket. i believe that a shot extension would be possible. but it would be conditioned on the positive votes on the withdrawal of you meant in the house of. the question remains open as to that your ration of such an extension even if the hope for a fine of may seem frail. even eleuthera really and although wrecked it for teak is increasingly visible and justified we cannot give up seeking the very last moment
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a positive solution. all right we're expert forest whiting is here at the big table with me where she has been sitting no on wednesday evening for about the past three weeks i think it's been three weeks in a row so what has happened tonight we've got it looked like he was throwing a lifeline to trees may saying yes it's likely we're going to give you an extension but then he said there's a condition parliament by next week has to pass your brakes a plan they've said no to it twice already and that is the problem because she now she wants to bring it back anyway and was planning to bring it back next week and put some pressure on those m.p.'s who will not support it but there are a lot of m.p.'s who don't support it but it has to put pressure i believe when it does have to because what he's saying is pretty much except the dail or face a no deal breaks it and nobody wants that the you ok there are some who do want to put on the whole the u.k. does not want but the e.u.
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does not want that because that will be chaos and all the economies nobody wants that but that is the possibility that we are heading towards now and the only lifeline that he did throw was that if deal is voted down again next week which is a very high possibility that that will happen that they would he would call an extraordinary summit brussels where they could maybe think is there a way that they can count on the eve on the set i mean it is it is a very difficult messy situation and we are certainly a step closer to a no deal brix it is is the european union now basically in control of what happens in london well effectively if that happens next thursday evening then i would say it doesn't look that way she has got to persuade those hardcore euro skeptic brits it is in her own party up to eighty of them by the way she's got to persuade those ten northern irish do you pm piece one of them to come. she's
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also going to have to try to hope that some labor m.p.'s are going to think we do not want that we will support this deal because we have to so this is basically their last chance and i think what we will see next week is that m.p.'s will finally try to take control of the situation already you are talking about amendments being tabled to it to say that we've got to is there a possibility that they could even revoke offical fifty everything is on the table but i'm afraid say brant was still in a mess and yet still a step closer to pressuring now for the crushing you know exactly why the emergency break tonight looks like it would be the plan that we know parliament hates the most amazing part alex as always thank you of the british conservative element here in nigel mills he was also a member of the fervently pro breaks in european research group says he now except that britain has two options
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a no deal breaks it or one with the deal negotiated as alex was saying by theresa may was speaking to tim sebastian on the edge of ella's conflict zone he argued that those who would not accept the deal were not just guy hearts. people who have principles and stick up for them but i would say the choice now is to leave with this deal or to restore it leaving it all i think we should have these people your principles more important interest well i think if a vote how the national interest is clearly being to get a consensus to stand before the us and this is a great position this is something in three years that britain has been able to the way we should have achieve a consensus was to have the general election and then have the winning parties manifesto be that consensus and accept about the thing that has the monday from the public that's what some people in palm of the hearings have the sun in the cabinet just have not accepted that mandate that plan that we set out to the country becomes people in behind closed doors in smoky rings twenty changes that manifesto
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that's the what the public gave us the mandate to go and deliver. nine days to go and you can see right there we're still arguing what brooks should be where you can watch that entire interview here on the w. after this news program or on demand d.w. dot com slash conflict zone where the united nations appeals court in the hague has increased right of on her sentence to life imprisonment for more crimes and crimes against humanity or a panel of appeals judges upheld the former bosnian serb leader original twenty sixteen conviction for atrocities during the balkans war they said his forty year sentence for crimes including a massacre of muslims in srebrenica was to lie on board now the chief prosecutor told the news that today's verdict was of historic significance to gillis. very satisfied with the appeals decision today not only because there were convictions were confirmed in relation to the genocide interurban it and relation to the siege
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of sarajevo and in relation to the ethnic cleansing campaign in many municipalities not only do we have convictions in all those cases but also the sentence was increased we were asking for a life sentence and in appeals we got a life sentence which is extremely important. mainly thinking today about the many many survivors and victims of the crimes committed in bosnia herzegovina victims which are present today and which waited more than ten years to see this decision being being confirmed so it's very important for victims very important for survivors important for the tribunal obviously but also important for history because now it is formal that car g.h. is a war criminal that he's responsible personally responsible for major atrocities committed
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during three years in bosnia herzegovina. well how do those advertisements that pop up when you do a search on the internet today the european union fined google nearly one and a half billion euros for abusing its market dominance in online advertising the misconduct involved favoring its own price comparison results in searches over the last two years the e.u. has fined google more than eight billion europe's. this is the third time european regulators have penalize google for abusing its market position this time it concerns its ad sense service the program pursuer types the purchase of advertising space related to searches that take place on third party websites chief among the e.u.'s objections is that it prevents the websites from displaying ads from google's rivals. google is rivals they were unable to grow and compete and as a result it's outs well web sites own as web site had limits its options for
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sending its icy space on those websites and were forced soon only to rely on google and as a result from that it's a good thing they did from network effects and became even stronger christian european regulators have been keeping a close watch of the google for years back in two thousand and seventeen the company was fined some two point four billion euros for discriminating against rival comparison shopping services then last year it was hit with a record four point three billion euro fine for abusing its android mobile operating systems market dominance those penalties haven't made too much of a dent in the tech giants coffers the slightest fine is unlikely to live up in the last quarter of two thousand and eighteen google's parent company alphabet posted earnings of eight billion euros what's more significant though is how the rulings
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could affect the company's business model google's already taking action to comply with previous e.u. orders and has vowed to give more visibility to rival advertisers in europe. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world dozens of italian schoolchildren have made a narrow escape after a man hijacked their bus and set it on fire. police were able to stop the bus and get all passengers to safety without injury the driver who's now under arrest said that he was protesting migrant deaths in the mediterranean u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has begun a middle east trip aimed at building in alliance against iran in kuwait he joined his counterpart. in calling for an end to a two year old rift between a saudi led bloc and qatar saying that they all needed to unite against the threat from tehran and islamist terror aid organizations are racing to get help to devastated cities and communities after. devastated swathes of mozambique zimbabwe
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and malawi more than two hundred people have been confirmed dead in mozambique alone and the death toll is expected to rise as the rubble is clear. the first funerals for victims of the massacre at two new zealand mosques have been held in the city of christ church hundreds of mourners attended the burial of a father and son who fled the war in syria for what they believed would be a safer life in new zealand they were among the fifty people who were gunned down by a white supremacist last friday. two members of a syrian refugee family were among the first to be laid to rest in christ church colleague mustafa and his fifteen year old son hamza came to new zealand fleeing war before they were gunned down by a white supremacist in a mosque last friday. among the mourners.
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says younger brother he suffered gunshot wounds to his leg during the talk. heavily armed police to guard outside another reminder of the horror of what happened. the nation is grieving with its muslim community. and prime minister just send our dan wants to demonstrate. here is a desire to show support to the muslim community as they were tuned to mosques particularly on friday there is also a desire months new zealanders to mark the week that has passed since the terrorist attack to acknowledge this. there will be
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a two minute silence. on friday we will also broadcast nationally via t.v. in seed and radio new zealand the call to prayer. and the outpouring of sorrow the message is clear we stand together in the face of terrorism. i'm doing now at the big table by my colleague candy cleaver she's been taking a look at prime minister just into our just been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of days and she is not the first leader though to have to deal with a terrorist attack on home soil so what's so special about response. it's not a unique response but i think in the current days of current times it's quite remarkable what she's done she's effectively grappled with the concept of this man the main suspect but the man who did this and she's kind of dismissed him horrible
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little man i'm not even to say your name she's removing his identity sure fuses to name them and then she's kind of moving on to what she feels is the most important thing which is focusing on the people that he hurt the people he killed the community that he attacks and that's where all her focus is is being directed she's conveying really an inclusive message now like i said it's not the first time that somebody has had to do this you saw after the nine eleven attacks george w. bush he talked about how muslims were american citizens and how they contributed to american society but i think adam has been more direct she tweeted on friday the day of the attack i think we've got it here she tweeted out talking about how muslims are part of new zealand new zealand is their home she said they are right at the bottom of this tweet i think that's really strong and that is really perhaps a step further than what george w. bush was saying after the nine eleven attacks. she's been very open she's been
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talking about love she's been talking about grief but at the same time she's talking about significant changes in the gun laws in new zealand and it's this combination of open emotion and yet real clarity and desire and promising to really do something about it that's winning her prize that's a really good combination let's take a listen to a couple of things she's been saying the last few days. and so i. love it. ok degree. it is arcade us but how even if you were directly affected within ten days of this horrific act of terrorism we will have announced reforms which well i believe michaele community sorry for me that is the voice of empathy for sure what have people been saying about this empathy in action i think it's that combination that people are finding a real fresh approach i have
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a small selection here of tweets that have been out in the to spare over the last few days if we can bring those tweets up we're looking at peggy hicks the director of the united nations human rights office in geneva and she tweeted right towards the end that human rights heroes can be forged in many ways and says that it is a magnificent example of this then we have a politician from india international congress party politician he says she set a huge benchmark for leaders and specially for prime ministers of countries every event and occasion is nothing but a myth opportunity again talking to her a real nurse in all this but it's not just politicians have been struck by her approach we've got a tweet here from british literary agent johnny geller who says she's reminding the world what a leader is and could be i think this is this she's become an inspiration to an awful lot of people of how to approach this kind of. had to do this kind of awful
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attack and recently the last few years we've been focusing a lot on you know a fairly new strand of elderly male right wing and some would say from fascist leaders across the world not only donald trump of the u.s. but putin from russia both in our now of brazil and detached from the philippines but just in that. she belongs to a completely different group of new leaders that have come up over the last few years the young she's not even. open liberal we're talking about people like justin trudeau of canada or of iraq or of ireland and emanuel mccrone from france you can happily say. their shine has been dimmed somewhat but this lady behind us she's really having a moment you know telling the world it's ok to have hope and as always thank you. well the german defense minister is trying to raise more awareness of veterans in
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german society today in berlin she met germany's contestants in the last invictus games for injured in traumatised service members which were held last held in australia in a bid to improve the image of the armed forces here germany's applying to host the games in twenty twenty two or later. we visited germany's armed forces known as the bull in this fair and we asked what the soldiers think about plans to bring the veterans games here to germany. military service in afghanistan and especially dangerous mission there's a high risk of being wounded or traumatized something german soldier kevin filey experienced he was stationed in kabul for six months and twenty thirteen there he was exposed to many life threatening situations some of which forced him to make gut wrenching choices. it was always an attack on the camp attack on the camp and then we would suddenly see people coming towards treating children. then slowly i
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began to think if this is real and children are being exploited just so much that i have to make a decision now ready aim and if necessary fire. and those are some of the things that dream about again and again one doesn't. mean. they also came under fire himself one of the many traumatic experiences he finds it hard to talk about now since then certain things odors are flashing lights for example trigger a massive stress reaction in him. he. just appeared in dreams at night time in afghanistan from the six months. and at some point i did really wake up terrified in bed drenched in sweat and i even heard myself screaming. sports are still important for folly despite the trauma and a knee injury last fall he was allowed to take part along with eighteen comrades in
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the invictus games in sydney among other things he competed as a rower injured and traumatised soldiers from eighteen countries entered the competition. the games were britain's prince harry's idea. he wanted to make veterans more visible to the rest of society. so far the games have taken place in english speaking countries but the german government wants germany to host the games in two thousand and twenty two. i would be very pleased about ata showed germany which what soldiers who are wounded in the line of duty a capable of so that they're not just shoved into a corner but that they're also part of society hides. the invictus games are important to fairly personally he keeps fit hoping to take part once again in the competition. here's
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a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the european parliament's biggest political party group has voted to suspend one kerry and prime minister viktor or bonds ruling for this party over its migration and your words skeptic stands in european people's party has not ruled out expulsion for. an emergency debate on breaks it in the british parliament prime minister to resign made today ask the european union to extend the date of the u.k.'s withdrawal until the end of june the e.u. says it might grant a short delay if lawmakers approved a deal that they've already rejected twice the funerals have begun in christ church new zealand of the victims of friday's attack on two mosques among the first were those of a father in soft goods what syria's civil war for what they believed to be the best for the safest country in the whole. conflict zone is up next you're watching news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day.
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oh boy.
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the funny. thing to. meet. such. an. ob. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian. my guest this week here in london feels like a milf member of the progress if you're feeling the such good which is consistent
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good campaign football field with russell last week go mr mills changed his mind to decided to support phillies amazed agreement harvard going home finally giving a conflict so far. off detail the fact. a city in ruins borrowing a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population. last finance fighters occupied the city center seventeen president to tears his response was told. by children will never again football games of. the reconquest turned into
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tragedy. is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a deep way to islamize terror until now they say sorry i don't want to ask yourself an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the us starts april eleventh on g.w. . britain's foreign secretary has warned of breck's it paralysis in the u.k. but there are frantic efforts underway to prevent bad happening my guest this week here in london is nigel mills a member of the progress at european research group which has consistently campaigned for a tough deal with brussels softer than the one currently on the table or no deal at all last.


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